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Spells are abilities that Baal can use at the expense of mana. There are various spells in Impire which range in function from attacking enemies, to healing allies, or utility functions such as teleporting units across the map.

Source(s): Spells

List of Spells[edit | edit source]

Spell Effect
Absolution (Icon).png Absolution Sacrifice a friendly unit to heal other nearby friend units.
Demonic Whip (Icon).png Demonic Whip Temporarily boosts the movement, attack speed, and armor of a unit.
Dummy (Icon).png Dummy Immobilizes an enemy unit for a time.
Exploding Turkey (Icon).png Exploding Turkey Summons a turkey which wanders the area and explodes when damage.
Healing Aura (Icon).png Healing Aura Heals friendly units near target friendly unit over time.
Hell Rage (Icon).png Hell Rage Inscreases the aggression of nearby friendly units over time.
Lightning (Icon).png Lightning Damages a single enemy unit at any range.
Lightning Storm (Icon).png Lightning Storm Damage up to three nearby enemy units.
Portal (Icon).png Portal Summons a Scout or Abomination for 30 seconds.
Rot (Icon).png Rot Deals damage over time to nearby enemies.
Summon Worker (Icon).png Summon Worker Summons a Worker.
Teleport (Icon).png Teleport Teleports the target friendly unit or Baal to the specified location.
Whirlwind (Icon).png Whirlwind Baal spins with his sword, damaging nearby enemies.

Source(s): Spells