Chapter 2

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You will set forth on your journey of Evil by recruiting allies to your schemes.

First stop are the Minotaurs and their mighty leader Chief Red Bull. You must defeat him in solo combat, i.e Baal is the only one allowed in the arena with him, all other minions will suffer the debuffing effect of instant death. But do not fear, Baal can get his hands on a powerful drink just before you do the dance of death with the mighty Red Bull.

For all of you too lazy to use your brains, the way to get into the chambers of the Red Bull requires a code using the lights. The combination is from left to right ( with the door you come in of on the left, and the large statue standing to the right) Purple-Blue-Red-Yellow-Green.

Your attempts to be truly evil also backfire from earlier missions as F.A.K.E arrive to inform you that attempts by bloodthirsty orc shaman, notorious Hitmen and Zealots of the Inquisition have been thwarted by your meddling. You try to redeem your reputation, but who knows if you will again save innocent lives and bellyflop into the plans of evil.